Eco-health Support

Learning about mind, body and environment

Support for Eco-Health Project

Project period: 2020 – 2026


School health is a subject that is essential for the healthy physical and mental growth of young people.

Activities to promote physical education classes are underway, but health classes have yet to be developed in Cambodia. With the cooperation of Japanese education college, Tokyo, Gakugei University, Kizuna is working on the “Eco-Health Project” to disseminate information about the mind and environment from schools in rural areas where Alumni are teaching.

Target: All 31 secondary schools in Koh Kong Province

(Link)School Health Education in Cambodia

1) Support for the development of a health curriculum that can be taught by non-health specialists

The project aims to produce health teaching materials using Japanese picture story shows, animation and ICT, and to establish teaching methods.

(Link)School Health Education in Cambodia

2) Support for the dissemination of a community-based participatory Health Room System

Establish a health network with local medical centers and local residents using schools as hubs. We will expand the circle of eco-health from schools to the community.

(link) School Health Room Workshop

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