Alumnae Support Project

Educational project by teachers who know the field

Alumnae Teacher Support Project

The scholarship program was launched in 2008, and as of 2021, more than 2,400 alumnae are working as teachers in rural areas. TEC-Kizuna is working in partnership with them on projects to improve the quality of education in order to solve the problems these alumnae  teachers are facing in their schools.

1.Support for holding regular Alumnae workshops (2017-2023)

Kizuna supports each Alumni project to hold a workshop to present the progress of the project and to provide a forum for information exchange, thereby supporting the independent activities of the teachers twice a year.

Every April:             Held in Phnom Penh, the capital city

Every October:         Held in the provinces

(link) Returning the favor of support delivered from Cambodia to the affected areas in Japan:

2.Support for the production of audio materials for elementary school English classes (2019-2021)

Junior high school English alumnus teachers teach elementary school teachers in the same area who have never received any training in English how to use “English audio content” produced in conjunction with regular English textbooks.

3.Support for Teacher Education College (TEC) Club Activities (2018-2023)

Alumnae teachers specializing in the arts who graduated from TEC teach traditional Cambodian performing arts to the trainees of TEC. After graduation, the club members will acquire the skills to work as non-professional teachers for art that is not offered in regular classes at their local schools.

4.Leadership Program Support (2018-2021)

To support the establishment of a practical school management model through a program to acquire basic life skills and practical abilities for 12 highly motivated and selected young alumnae school directors in rural areas The target teachers are expected to serve as models for Alumni teachers in the future..

Mondulkiri Province: 1 school
Kok Kong Province 5 schools
Stung Treng Province: 4 schools
Preah Vihear Province: 2 schools

5. School Library promotion support (2022 -2026)

Support for the dissemination of a reading method that fosters the “ability to think for  yourself”.

Started in 12 junior high schools of Alumni principals participating in the Leadership Program. Spread to surrounding elementary schools and to local schools through the Alumnae Network.

Together with Almunae teachers, a library promotion project is being developed for all secondary schools in Koh Kong province (32 schools).

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