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The Nippon Foundation

The Nippon Foundation has supported construction of 100 elementary schools in Cambodia since the end of the civil war, and since 2004 has been providing support for the soft side, such as the development of human resources for education.

Total amount of support (2004 – 2022): 944,624,226 JPY

The Nippon Foundation

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ESC-Kizuna: 2008 – 2020
Punleu Preah Atit (2004 – 2006)

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SDG #17: Partnerships for the goals.

I want to help.
I want to be of service to society.
Let’s take action through donations.

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are international goals adopted at the United Nations Summit in 2015 with the key phrase “leave no one behind” to create a sustainable and better world. The SDGs should be tackled not only by developing countries but also by developed countries themselves, and many blue-chip companies and organizations have already begun to actively contribute to society.

Donations for Schools in rural area!

SDG18: Learn about tradition and heritage

While there are things that need to evolve with time, such as democracy and gender, we believe that it is important for our future to respect the uniqueness of different countries and cultures and to deepen our understanding of each other by learning deeply about our own traditions and cultures, which are the source of our identity.

In the SDGs, which consist of 17 goals, Kizuna proposes the goal of “SDG18: Aware of traditions and heritage” plus one goal.

Donation for “Tradition and Heritage”
Traditional Art Club
For the transmission of traditional performing arts in the region.
Herbal Garden
Create the sample garden of useful local plants.

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Messenger: Tadanori Takada

Transparency of Accounting

All operations and accounting of the Education Support Center Kizuna are subject to a double external audit by a private accounting firm and the Nippon Foundation, in order to maintain transparency in our operations.

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