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【Meaning】Connecting and supporting people. Helping each other

“Linking people, for today and tomorrow”

We are social innovators

We connect people:   government, teachers, parents, students & communities

We make networks:   to share knowledge, experience and human resources

We achieve together:   by supporting and helping each other

SDGs + Kizuna: 18 goals

ESC-Kizuna works to agree with the concept of SDGs, which are promoted by the United Nations and governments of various countries.


Realizing a world where no one is left behind

Link:     https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/

Head of Steering Committee of ESC-Kizuna

Excellency Bun Sambo

Secretary of State, Council of Ministers of Cambodia.

“Education is a Pray for the Future”

There are many children in the world who do not have free access to education due to various difficult circumstances.

Cambodia was also at the mercy of the times, the country lost many educators and spent a period of time when education was closed. It was a result of a period of politics that denied education and culture, a rarity in history.

After the end of the long civil war, and after 30 years of cooperation with the international community, including Japan, schools across the country have been and are now finally in operation.

The adults who run the country, politicians, police, or medical personnel, all spent their childhood in the school and were trained by teachers.

We are committed to “improving the quality of education” and support the training of teachers and the voluntary educational activities by teachers who have been graduated for the future can be better than the present.

Secretary General of Cambodia office (2016-present)

Tadanori Takada

Japanese acupuncturist and judo therapist. Participated in the “Project for the Utilization of Traditional Medicine” funded by the Nippon Foundation from 2009 to 2013 after working at the Royal Bhutan Traditional Medicine Hospital and received a master’s degree in clinical acupuncture. Born in Nagasaki City, Japan in 1972.

(Link) The Nippon Foundation’s Traditional Medicine Projects




The Nippon Foundation supported promotion project for primary education through.


The Nippon Foundation supported the building of 100 primary schools in the border area through the American Association for Cambodia, present World Association for Cambodia.


The Nippon Foundation started a scholarship program for the Regional Teacher Training Center in Phnom Penh through Punleu Preah Atit, Local NGO that is the predecessor organization of ESC-Kizuna.


Established ESC-Kizuna as International NGO


Radio English project started and created audio contents “English is Fun” with BBC media Action.


Production of a new Junior High School English textbook in collaboration with a local Australian English language school started.


Formed Kizuna Alumni Network with over 2400 Scholarship recipients teachers. Since then, the network has been conducting alumnae educational projects and holding regular workshops.


10th anniversary of the organization. New organization logo announced. The new English textbook and English is Fun program were transferred to the Cambodian government for official use in junior high school English classes across the country.  


Support for the development of a new high school English curriculum begins (to be completed in 2021).


Support for school health development, Eco-health project began.


Secretary office 6 staffs

Ky Bun Heang : Deputy Secretary General

Keo Sophal : Program Officer

Ung Siny : Administration Officer

Vichheka Has : Program Officer

Auern Piseth : Program Assistant

Pheng Mey Mey : Program Officer

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